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What's Your Expiration Date

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

OK ladies and gentlemen. It's come time to take a long hard look at your cosmetic graveyard and finally PURGE! You know what I'm talking about.. That deep dark cabinet or box full of hair, nail and skin products you just couldn't seem to part with, yet shoved into the abysmal corners to be forgotten! Luckily for you, you are now forced to remain inside your homes (thanks COVID), and you can take time to finally de clutter and organize your space! A new app I found is called Beauty Keeper and boy oh boy is this little widget a must have tool!

You know those Amazon and Marshalls finds you found and thought they were a winner?! Not so fast!! Before purchasing, open up Beauty Keeper and type in the batch code and verify whether the product in question is actually within its expiration date! Even if you do buy from a professional (which is ALWAYS recommended) there is a symbol that looks like an opened jar with numbers printed on it. Its usually very small but that is the icon that lets you know how long your product will be good for after opening! Within the Beauty Keeper app you can also track you current stock of goodies from when you open them and it will remind you when it is time to replace them! So now that you have no excuses to rummage through your collection of god knows what.. download Beauty Keeper and get down to business!

Your hair and skin will thank you!!

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